The Blackwall Tunnel is one of the most famous road connections in London, and on average has at least 100,000 vehicles passing through it a day.

The probelm

When the Blackwall Tunnel was closed suddenly due to signalling problems, thousands of motorists were affected and highways/police staff had to divert traffic to other routes across the River Thames.

The solution

Electronic Terminations responded immediately to the emergency call and within 24 hours had supplied new cabling assemblies that corrected the signalling fault and enabled the Blackwall Tunnel to be open for business again the next morning.

How we can help you

Clearly from this case study, Electronic Terminations is well equipped and set up to deal with emergencies, where there needs to be a fix as soon as possible. Not only were we able to manufacture and test the cabling requirements that would allow the tunnel system to reopen for the following day, but we were also aware enough to be able to arrange delivery for the cables. This stopped the disruption for the East End of London, and allowed more than 100,000 vehicles to pass through easily business to continue. If you need any help like this case study of thr Blackwall Tunnel, then please head to our contact page to get in touch with us.