We specialise in the manufacture and supply of heavy-duty weatherproof cable assemblies including ship-borne moulded cable assemblies. We also manufacture Distribution and Data Link Connection Boxes and lanterns for Highways and are major suppliers to the defence industry for products ranging from field hospital lighting kits to search and rescue safety beacons. We can also test and refurbish items returned from service.

We undertake products in a wide range of sectors.

In the railways sector, for example, we’ve created moulded cable assembliesto be used on wheel sensors for rolling stock. We’ve also made cables and mouldings in LSHF – a low smoke halogen free material for use in very harsh outdoor conditions.

In the motorways sector, we’ve made moulded weatherproof cable assemblies to power communications through roadside signs and designed and made enclosures in metal and plastic to house communications and junction boxes.

For Aircraft carriers and Apache helicopters we hold a contract to manufacture, survey and repair all cables required our client’s aircraft. This range of cable assemblies supply power for start up, power for instrument checks and servicing as well as secure communications for pilots.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Commercial, automotive and Industrial Cable Assemblies


Our Process

Enquiries and tenders

Before you choose to work with us you’ll want to feel sure that we’re the right partner for you. We’re happy for you to come and meet us on site, so we can show you our factory and the machinery we use, as well as introducing you to our expert team.

Pre-production planning

Before we start any project we take the time to really understand your requirements. From here we can determine the full scope of the project and assess it. We check it’s the best solution to meet your objectives, we evaluate it to make sure it’s cost-effective and we make absolutely sure that we have all the information and materials we need to deliver exactly what you want, on time and on budget.


We have an energetic team of highly skilled assembly workers capable of high output rates on the most intricate assemblies. Our machining and assembly units mean that we can mould, machine, assemble and, in some cases, test our clients’ products so that they can focus on other areas of their business.

Tool making

We make and/or modify a lot of the tooling we use to produce products – from metal forming rolls to lathe bits, milling cutters and form tools as well as precision fixturing. These tools may be used to manufacture, hold and/or test the products during production. We also make dies – a very precise skill critical as the dies must maintain the proper clearance in order to produce the products accurately. We have produced die sets machined with tolerances of less than one hundredth of an inch!